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We're passionate about protein. 

Spark new possibilities and be inspired! kees® clear beverages are loaded with refreshment and packed with protein—just the combination you need to feel your best. And when you’re at your best, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish!

Each bottle of kees contains 22 grams of delicious, attitude adjusting protein. Hey! It's not just ANY protein either! It's 100% pure whey protein isolate which has been shown to improve mental acuity, boost endurance and recovery time, support weight management and much more.*  And not a SPECK! Not a DROP! Not even a HINT of anything artificial for ingredients or colors or flavors! No-Thing! Zero! Zip! Nada! Nope! We HATE that stuff!

Lemon Zingy Green Tea

Peachy Mango Twango



*In a variety of clinical research studies, protein has been found to improve mental acuity, stabilize blood glucose, and reduce body fat, among other benefits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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Hee hee hee! kees Protein is going to space! Or at least the boarding pass is ... on NASA's Orion test mission to Mars leaving Cape Canaveral between Dec 4-6 2014.  kees in space...kees in space... yippee!

So who's crazy for protein?

Lotsa' people!

  • Busy people - you know who YOU are!
  • Gym rats - you know who YOU are too!
  • The kids running between school and play - and maybe the parents doing the running with them
  • Dancers, bowlers, ironman champs and baseball throwers
  • And, because it's so dang healthy, people facing health challenges too!

So it might be cancer (did you know cancer patients need twice the protein than the average person??); it might be bariatric surgery (they need protein protein protein - and so little space to put it); it might be dialysis (whew! Really need GOOD protein, that's LOW in phosphorus and totally absorbed!).

There's a lot of health challenges people face ... and as the founder of the company is a nurse, she's ALL about protein! Ya don't have to be a "mighty me" to fit healthy protein into your diet - you just have to want to feel better. And boy! Are WE a great place to start.

People can talk all they want about protein - blah blah blah blah blah - but the truth of the matter is, if it doesn't taste good, just WHO, is CRAZY enough, to keep DRINKING it?? So drink kees - it's the best tasting, most refreshing, refueling, and just darn rehydrating protein fortified water out there. We won't tell you it's good for you if you do. So now you can have a happy hour that’s happy—any time of day! Enjoy kees “free”dom: it’s gluten free, GMO free and virtually lactose free. And kees is low in sodium, fat and sugar. And once more for the record, kees has no hidden ingredients or banned substances, either. kees is tested by independent laboratories—your assurance of product integrity. Keep your busy day on track with kees. The natural sip of inspiration for people making a difference today. Be smart. Be inspired. Be amazing. kees® Pure. Protein. Refreshment.